Advice For a Tulum Wedding

August 22, 2018

Tulum on its way to becoming one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. I’m not surprised its popularity is growing when you consider its gorgeous beaches, bohemian atmosphere, and welcoming locals. But even in paradise, wedding planning is never easy.  I’m a newlywed, so the memory of having to plan a wedding almost entirely by myself is still very fresh. Fortunately, I get to share tips from my own experience as a Tulum wedding photographer to help guide you. If you’re looking for more comprehensive advice, make sure to check out my Tulum Wedding Guide. Here are a few pieces of advice I would’ve given myself for a successful Tulum wedding!


Where to Stay in Tulum


tulum wedding photographerI’ve had the chance to stay both in luxury resorts and boutique hostels while working in Tulum. Having been to 40+ countries, I’d consider myself someone with insight into the best places to stay abroad for a destination wedding. Depending on the level of comfort you’re looking for and what your budget allows, here are two suggestions on either side of the price spectrum for you and your guests heading to the Yucatan for your Tulum wedding.


Best Tulum Hostel

The right hostel can give you the best of both worlds; a cheap place to stay and a great experience. This is where Casa Lum comes in: a well-designed, cozy, and inexpensive stay in the heart of Tulum. A handful of the staff here were travelers who came to Tulum on vacation. Many ended up staying or moving back after returning to their home country and missing Tulum too much to stay away. If that’s not a testament to how great this hostel is, I don’t know what is! Hostels aren’t the usual choice for a wedding, but this one is different. There were several locations I could envision taking wedding portraits that would look just as good as an expensive hotel. If you’re looking for a modern, beautifully designed option that will make you feel at home, you’ll find it at Casa Lum.


Best Tulum Resort

There are nice hotels, and then there are resorts like Casa Malca, which go beyond the textbook definition of luxury. The perfect place for a wedding party to kick back and enjoy before and after the big day. Pablo Escobar’s former mansion is now converted into a stunning hotel filled with modern art and impeccable design. Casa Malca (pictured above) has a large property and many areas to choose from for your wedding ceremony and reception. Easily one of the best hotels I’ve been to in the world, let alone in Mexico. To call it a dream wedding venue is an understatement.


Hiring a Tulum Wedding Photographer


wedding photographer Tulum

The town of Tulum has less than 20,000 people, making the options for a Tulum wedding photographer limited. Is it more convenient to bring someone with you from your home country, even if it means paying travel fees? What are the advantages of hiring a local photographer in Mexico? Let’s go into the pros and cons of hiring local vs. foreign for your Tulum wedding.


Foreign Tulum Wedding Photographer

Bringing a wedding photographer from your city with you seems like the easiest choice for a destination wedding. They speak your language and take your currency, so nothing gets lost in translation. Depending on the city, this is sometimes true, but it’s not necessarily Tulum’s case. The few advantages may be outweighed by high travel fees and lack of experience in the area. Tulum may be growing, but it’s still a small town in the Mayan jungle. Navigating around the area isn’t the easiest if you haven’t already shot a wedding there, let alone visited for the first time. If you do end up hiring from outside of Mexico, make sure it’s a seasoned destination wedding photographer who’s up to the task.


Local Tulum Wedding Photographer

Finding a local Tulum wedding photographer comes with a handful of important advantages. At this point, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve flown into Cancún, so I know Riviera Maya like the back of my hand. You’ll get insider info on the best places for portraits, a better understanding of how local venues operate, and other invaluable tips. The only con of a local photographer in a small town can be a lack of options, but not for Tulum. Cancun has tons of experienced wedding photographers, only a 90-minute drive north. If you expand your radius to more of Mexico and South Florida, you’ll find an abundance of options more than suitable for your wedding day. Plus you won’t have to worry about expensive travel fees!


When To Get Married in Tulum


tulum wedding photographer

If you’re envisioning a tropical paradise for your wedding, you’re in luck. Tulum is just as close to the equator as many of the Caribbean islands meaning its tropical climate is suited for a sunny destination wedding almost every day of the year. May’s temperature averages 82 degrees, so it never gets too hot to avoid completely, even on its hottest month of the year. Tulum’s coldest month, January, averages 71 degrees, so there’s never a time prohibited by cold winters either. For this reason, I’d recommend any season for a Tulum destination wedding with slight caution for a July or August wedding. The summer is usually the rainiest time of year, but I know some couples envision dancing in the rain at their wedding to each their own! 

 Final Thoughts


At the end of the day, it’s hard to wrong with a Tulum wedding. Unless a tropical storm strikes your ceremony, there’s little that could get in the way of an unforgettable day for you and your guests. A beach wedding in Tulum is a dream for some couples, so if you’re envisioning the perfect getaway, I can promise you will not be disappointed. I may not have answered all your questions, so feel reach to reach out for more tips! I love to be a resource for any brides during wedding planning, especially for Tulum. If you’re ready to book a Tulum wedding photographer or have questions, I encourage you to fill out a form submission here. Hope to hear from you soon!