Choosing a Tulum Wedding Photographer

August 22, 2018

Whether or not you’ve already decided on Tulum, even considering this seaside marvel for your wedding means you have great taste! The Yucatan is abundant with amazing places, but Tulum has something special.  This destination makes for any couple’s ideal wedding destination, from its crystal blue waters to the friendly locals. Now it’s time to select the right photographer to capture it all! In this article, I’ll be going over what to look for in your Tulum wedding photographer, tips for hiring a wedding photographer, and when the best time is for a Tulum wedding.


What To Look For in a Tulum Wedding Photographer

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Of all the variables that come up when choosing your wedding vendors, you should place the most consideration on who’s documenting the event. Food isn’t remembered past a month, certainly not the napkins’ inscriptions, but photos last forever. The wedding photographer you choose will make a permanent record of one of the most special days of your life. Moments you’ll look back on forever should look the exact way you want them to. The question is, how do you choose which one’s right for you? I took a look beyond the basics and dug deeper into what makes for the best choice for your Tulum wedding photographer.



How confident are you in your photographer’s competency? If you aren’t sure you trust your wedding photographer to capture the day well, then keep searching. I have an acquaintance who wanted to save on their wedding photographer and ended up hiring a non-professional. They were close friends, and she offered to do it for only travel expenses. When I asked her how the photos turned out, she told me she wants to go back with a different photographer next time they’re in Mexico for a reshoot. As the saying goes, when something is cheap, you always end up paying for it in the end. Choosing a Tulum wedding photographer you don’t have to worry about is worth stretching your budget, especially if you value what your photos will look like when you show your friends, kids, and even grandkids!



Hiring a friendly wedding photographer is one of the most important considerations you should keep in mind. Think forward to your wedding day for a moment. Don’t you want an experienced Tulum wedding photographer who’s going to be helpful, tell you how beautiful you look, and guide you through the tedious parts of the day with a smile? Your photographer is going to be in close contact with you for 7-9 hours on one of the most special days of your life. I usually end up spending more time with a bride on their wedding day than their own husband does! If that’s someone you don’t feel good about, then you’re not likely to enjoy your day as much as you should. Make sure to hire a photographer you get along with!



What happens when it starts to pour rain during your bridal portraits? How will you react when guests start to show up earlier than planned and everyone sees your dress before the ceremony? If something big goes wrong, there’s a chance for anxiety and chaos to take over. This is why improvisation is such a key factor when hiring a wedding photographer. I had a bride earlier this year who started to have a visible panic attack before her First Look. The sun kept moving behind the clouds on what was supposed to be a clear day. I assured her I’d only shoot when the light was perfect, and ultimately, the photos came out beautifully! A good photographer is flexible enough to capture everything they need even when things go wrong. The right Tulum wedding photographer will be able to make the most of a less-than-ideal situation.


Hiring a Tulum Wedding Photographer

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There are three important questions to ask when it comes to hiring a Tulum photographer. First and foremost, do you hire a photographer locally or bring them with you from your country? Fortunately, your wedding timeline will usually dictate how many hours you need to book. Lastly, a question that often gets overlooked is whether or not to hire a second shooter to add a second perspective to the day.


Do I Hire Local

Hiring vendors for a destination wedding isn’t always easy. Many all-inclusive venues will have fixed options that may not include the selection you want. In some cases, there’s can even be a fee for not choosing the pre-selected resort vendors. This is why it’s tempting to hire a photographer from your home country and bring them with you. The disadvantages are travel fees, lack of experience shooting destination weddings, and the chance of mishap in transit. Hiring a local photographer presents a huge advantage in knowledge of the area, saving on travel fees, and experience shooting Mexican weddings. Cancún, Mexico City, and Merida are full of talented wedding photographers. Any photographer with extensive experience in the area can be just as well-suited as a local, but they are rarer.


How Many Hours Do I Need

The issue of how many hours to book a wedding photographer is simpler than it seems. The sweet spot for a destination wedding is usually 7-9 hours, which you can decide based on your timeline. If you’re planning a 30-minute ceremony, 7 hours may be plenty. A longer ceremony, e.g., Catholic weddings, will probably need a minimum of 8 hours. Unless you’re planning a special exit, 9 hours is usually the maximum I recommend. Refer to your timeline for the best idea of what moments you care about capturing most. That will be your guide for how many hours of photography you need on your wedding day.


Should I Get A Second Shooter

As someone who’s been shooting weddings for years, I’m a huge advocate for second shooters. A second shooter’s rate is usually a fraction of the primary photographer’s, and they’re able to capture an entirely different perspective. A single photographer can’t be at two places at once. Luckily, that problem is solved with a second shooter. When I have a second shooter, we get to capture the entirety of the bride and groom getting ready instead of me running back and forth. When I’m taking portraits after the ceremony, my second shooter captures special moments between family and friends at the cocktail hour. I include a second shooter in my Package C because it adds so much value to a wedding. If you haven’t thought about opting for a second shooter and you’re able to work it into your budget, I urge any couple to hire one!


When To Have a Tulum Wedding

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The weather rarely changes drastically in Tulum, at least not as much as destinations like Miami.  I’ve visited the Riviera Maya countless times, and those two elements made the difference between a great and decent trip. Here’s my advice on what dates are best for a Tulum wedding.



A Spring wedding may sound cliche, but the perfect mix of warm temperatures and less crowded beaches make April and May an ideal choice for a Tulum wedding. You can still expect the year-long warmth of the Caribbean coast but without the summer crowds. The evenings cool down a few degrees, which makes it perfect for an outdoor reception.  The Yucatan has the same proximity to the equator as many Caribbean islands, so I’d keep these hotter months reserved for a breezy beach or indoor wedding. There are also incredible options like Oaxaca to consider on the less-visited side of Mexico.



Dealing with tourists on vacation looking to escape the cold can be a bit of a nuisance. What November and December have to offer makes up for the influx of crowds. The biggest difference is that these months are both cooler and dryer. Those characteristics are what make the winter months a big winner for a Mexico beach wedding. The lower likelihood of rain and saving your guests from being uncomfortably hot are two pretty big advantages. If you don’t want your wedding guests going home with stories about the number of mosquito bites they got but instead how wonderful the ceremony was, a December wedding will do the trick.


Tulum Wedding Photographer – Final Thoughts


In choosing your Tulum wedding photographer, know that you have plenty of amazing options. It’s hard to go wrong with a destination wedding, especially in such a picturesque place like Mexico. Looking back, if there’s a place I would have picked outside of the States for when I got married, there’s no doubt the Yucatan would’ve been at the top of my list. I have a unique fondness for Mexico, so much so that I moved to Mexico City in 2018. If you’ve selected this amazing country for your wedding, I’m sure you love it too! For any other questions related to wedding photography, I encourage you to reach out! Be sure to fill out a form submission with any questions I haven’t covered. I love helping couples with destination weddings, so I’m happy to start a conversation, and I’ll make sure to get back to you in 24 hours!