Best Beaches to Get Married in Oaxaca

September 11, 2018

I wouldn’t be surprised if Oaxaca developed into one of the most sought-out destinations in the world in the next decade. The largest indigenous state in Mexico has just as much to offer in terms of beauty than any one of the popular beach towns in the Yucatán or Baja California. The mountains, the beaches, the city, all thrive in a way that complements and diversifies the state into a magical place. That special quality translates into a wealth of different locations where any couple, Mexican or foreign, could have an incredible wedding. Here are my suggestions from my time as a Mexico wedding photographer for the best beaches to say, “I do” in Oaxaca.


Oaxaca Beach Wedding Locations


Oaxaca elopement photographer

The coast is really how Oaxaca came to hold a special place in my heart. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve visited the coast and it seems to be more beautiful each visit. The verdant jungle combined with the gorgeous beaches makes for a paradise that’s hard to find anywhere else. It also makes for the perfect elopement or wedding ceremony as the waves calmly crash behind you. Here are the beaches I’d recommend for your Mexico destination wedding!



Oaxaca elopement photographer

The first words said to me as we sat down at this stunning beach were, “welcome to paradise.” After a few hours at Carrizalillo, I realized the description couldn’t have been more accurate. A more perfect jungle backdrop couldn’t be dreamt up for a Mexican beach wedding. The way the vibrant green hugs the shore and envelops the surrounding area makes for a gorgeous setting. I couldn’t help but picture a couple having this beach to themselves to commit their lives to each other. A sunset wedding with a reception at one of the nearby hotels would give you and everyone in attendance a lovely, romantic story to tell as soon as they got back home. I recommend Carizalillo for your Oaxaca wedding package if you love hidden beaches and palm trees.



Oaxaca elopement photographer

This beach is best known for its incredible waves that draw surfers from around the world. Zicatela functions well for a wedding because of its enormous shoreline with plenty of space for a ceremony. It’s also big enough that there are huge empty spots if you’re thinking of keeping it intimate. Whether you have a wedding or an elopement in mind, this Oaxacan beach would serve all your needs. Zicatela is a great option for an Oaxaca wedding if you and your future spouse both get psyched about surf trips and like to spend more time inside the ocean than outside of it!



Oaxaca elopement photographer

It’s hard to isolate a feeling when a place feels so unique and this Puerto Escondido gem is no exception. A beach where baby turtles get released every day is bound to feel magical. This is one of many reasons why Bacocho makes for the perfect Mexico beach wedding. Ironically, I have yet to hear from another Mexico wedding photographer who’s had a shoot here! As a result, it’s wide open for possibilities and creative freedom for the artsy couples out there. Incorporating releasing turtles into the ceremony would make for an unforgettable and unique experience. I live for stories you can tell for generations and that would certainly make for one. Bacocho is the right choice for a Mexico destination wedding if you’re a couple who love animals, care about conservation, or love a wide-open beach.


Mexico Beach Wedding Tips


Every region in Mexico has something for a particular personality type. I suggest an Oaxaca destination wedding for one unifying characteristic: lovers of sunsets. As great as some of the other typical Mexico destination wedding cities are, there’s something special about Oaxaca. Places like Tulum are what inspired me to become a Mexico wedding photographer, but they’re far more expensive places to have a destination wedding than Oaxaca. What I love about Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca as a whole is that they’re much less known. In turn, this makes them less in demand which ends up being a big help for the wedding budget.


Oaxaca Wedding Photographer’s Final Thoughts


I haven’t found a beach in Oaxaca that I didn’t love but I do have a favorite. Zicatela would be my ideal spot for a Mexico destination wedding, with Carrizalillo following closely and Bacocho third. What I like about Zicatela is how so few ingredients can create such a romantic setting. 15-foot waves, colorful sky, warm water, what else do you need for the perfect Oaxaca elopement? If any of these beaches have sparked inspiration for your wedding, I’d love to hear about it! For any questions, fill out a form submission or email me at I’d be more than happy to help iron out the details about your Oaxaca wedding photographer needs. Rest assured, if you’re choosing a beach in Oaxaca for your wedding, it’s going to turn out beautifully.