Where To Have A Destination Wedding In Greece

October 19, 2018

Greece is an incredibly diverse country with an abundance of fantastic options for where to get married. From Santorini and Mykonos to the villages of Kalamaria and Leptokarya, there’s something to offer for every couple. It’s no wonder that Greece is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Deciding on Greece for your wedding opens up a plethora of other questions about what region is best suited to host your wedding. Luckily, my experience as a destination wedding photographer in Greece has taught me what areas suit couples best. Here’s my advice on where you should get married in Greece.


Destination Wedding in Mykonos


Destination Wedding Photographer in Greece

I have such positive memories flood back to me whenever I think of Mykonos. It was the last stop on my first trip to Greece and I couldn’t imagine a better way to end the journey. I would highly recommend Mykonos for anyone who likes to party. Their welcoming of the LGBT community has fostered a nightlight as good as any big city on the Mediterranean coast. My time as a destination wedding photographer in Greece has not yet brought me to Mykonos for work but I know it’s going to make an incredible location for wedding photos when the time comes. Choose Mykonos for your destination wedding if you like blaring club music until the break of dawn, plentiful beaches, and cobblestone steps.


Destination Wedding in Santorini


Destination Wedding in Greece

Santorini is what comes to mind when most people think of Greece. It’s an island I couldn’t imagine would ever disappoint even the hardest to please traveler. No matter how high your expectations are, Santorini will blow you away. The island is characterized by its unbelievable views, rugged landscape, and charming design.  I’ve only seen a few places that look more like a painting than real life and Santorini is one of them. Santorini will always be so special to me because it was the first place I had the chance to be a destination wedding photographer in Greece. Choose Santorini for your wedding if you love eggshell white walls, crystal blue water, and the feeling of a peaceful, seaside town.


Destination Wedding in Athens


Destination Wedding in Greece

What’s interesting about Athens is how polarizing people’s opinions are on this ancient city. Before I landed in the largest city in Greece, I’d been given mixed reviews by other travelers. Some went on about how incredible Athens was and others seemed to think it was terrible.  I personally love Athens for the feeling I get walking down the vibrant streets. Knowing how much history has happened all around me is almost tangible and the excitement in the city reflects that. What makes Athens so great for a destination wedding photographer in Greece is its proximity to both gorgeous cliffside beaches with ocean views and numerous wineries just outside the city. If you’re energized by urban areas, can’t get enough history, and love interesting cultures, go with Athens for your Greece destination wedding.


Destination Wedding in Greece – Final Thoughts


You’ve probably never heard a bad story about a destination wedding in Greece. From the smallest fishing village to the biggest city, the options in Greece leave nothing to be desired. Considering that this country is smaller than the state of Florida, there is an abundance of opportunity for incredible photos. If you’re still on the fence about it, take a look at 5 reasons to get married in Greece.  Whether a place on this list jumped out at you, or you have ideas for other islands where you’d to tie the knot, I’d love to be a resource for anyone considering having a destination wedding in Greece. For any questions about my availability or other comments, make sure to fill out a form submission. Feel free to also send me an email at donnairenephotos@gmail.com and we’ll discuss your Greece destination wedding photographer needs!