Elopement Packages in Cape Cod

November 15, 2018

It was always a dream of mine to elope in Cape Cod. The 4th of July in Martha’s Vineyard was the first peek I had into the magic of summers in New England. Ever since then, I’ve been an advocate for couples from anywhere in the world who feel the same way about this special place to opt for an elopement package in Cape Cod. Anyone who’s going against the grain by choosing to elope is someone I’m already a fan of.  Choosing to have an elopement package in Cape Cod of all places makes me certain we’ll get along well. Here are a few factors to consider for your Cape Cod elopement package!


Is Cape Cod A Good Place To Elope?


Cape Cod elopement packages

For those still weighing their options on where to elope, I couldn’t recommend Cape Cod enough. If you grew up in New England, a Cape Cod elopement package might not have the same allure as a more distant location but it’s one of the best places to elope on the entire east coast. With miles and miles of coastline to choose from, it’s perfect for any couple that loves the ocean, even if it’s not the warmest swim. What Cape Cod lacks in views, it makes up for with charming houses, abundant beautiful beaches, and incredible history. I’ve lost track of how many quaint villages fill the coast, each unique and worth seeing for a different reason. If you love seafood, rolling dunes, and historic villages, then you should go with a Cape Cod elopement package.


What To Look For in a Cape Cod Elopement Photographer

If there’s one thing I recommend looking for in your Cape Cod elopement photographer, it’s previous elopement experience. A traditional wedding is usually much more structured and planned than an elopement, so they’re entirely different. Without previous experience shooting an elopement, it’s hard to say what would happen when something goes wrong. A photographer with experience will be able to think quickly on their feet and take action when faced with something unexpected. This is a huge asset for an elopement, especially when coastal climates are so unpredictable. Experience brings the ability to improvise, suggest ideas, and deliver great photos!


When To Elope in Cape Cod


Elopement packages in cape cod

As wonderful as Cape Cod may be, it doesn’t have the advantage of locations like Los Angeles that are well-suited for an elopement all year round. Depending on the date you choose, you’ll have a very different experience with your elopement. Every season has its advantages and disadvantages but a few stand out as clear winners. Here’s what your Cape Cod elopement package would be like for each season!



For those who are more inclined to warm, sunny days, Summer is the prime season for a Cape Cod elopement. I’d look into making the trip anytime from June until early September for a summer elopement. Summer is the most popular time to visit Cape Cod for a reason, it’s an absolute dream when it’s warm and the warm is suitable to swim. Good light is almost guaranteed during the summer, so I’d strongly consider it for any couple who likes warm sand and wouldn’t want to shiver for their portraits.



If you’re accustomed to the New England cold, I’d suggest an Autumn wedding for your Cape Cod elopement package. Fall in the northeast is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Unlike the wintertime, you don’t have to sacrifice being freezing for a gorgeous setting. A fall elopement package in cape cod would be filled with the autumnal oranges and reds that every elopement photographer looks for to make stunning photos.



The advantage of a Winter elopement in Cape Cod is worth seriously considering. In contrast to the summer, the cape is quiet and peaceful, which means there’s little chance your elopement would be interrupted. Many of the same iconic views you’d get in other seasons are unspoiled by crowds during the winter months. The catch is, of course, the weather, which you can expect to be unrelentingly cold and rainy. If you aren’t deterred by wet snow, I encourage anyone to read this beautiful New York Times article which was written by someone with an affection for the cape.



Everyone who experiences cold winters knows the magic of spring. Spring weddings are so popular because they’re times when everything is in bloom, wherein the theme of starting something new is almost written by nature herself.  Although Spring may start in March, Cape Cod doesn’t seem to realize it’s starting until early May. I’d hold off booking an elopement package in Cape Cod until May if you’re hoping to avoid the residual bite of winter throughout April. If you don’t mind having a jacket handy, then Spring is a great choice.


Where to Elope on Cape Cod?


Elopement packages in cape cod

Cape Cod is divided into 15 towns, each with many villages that make up the character of this incredible place. Although not technically on the cape, Martha’s Vineyard makes for a beautiful location for a Cape Cod elopement. Places like Nantucket are a true slice of American history, enough to even be classified as a National Historic Landmark District! With more than 400 miles of shoreline, it’d be hard to choose a place to elope but I wouldn’t steer anyone away from the artsy and electric Provincetown, at the very tip of the peninsula. My personal favorite is Barnstable, the largest town in Cape Cod which I’d say offers the most options for a couple looking for an elopement package in Cape Cod.


Elopement Packages in Cape Cod – Final Thoughts


If you’re eloping on Cape Cod, there’s not a lot that could get in the way an amazing experience. Whatever Cape Cod elopement package you decide on, you’re going to have an incredible time and just as incredible photos. It’s nearly impossible for this Northeastern gem to produce photos that are anything less than extraordinary, so have no fear! I love to be helpful in any way I can for couples who are choosing to take this untraditional route. For brides with more questions or comments, fill out a form submission or email me directly at donnairenephotos@gmail.com. I hope I can be a resource for you and your future spouse for any of your Cape Cod elopement photography needs!


Hi, I am looking for some information on elopement packages for Cape Cod. I am very interested in the Brant Point Lighthouse, but I haven’t been able to figure out who to call. It will be a ceremony with no guests. Thank you for any help you can give.