6 Underrated Wedding Destinations in Mexico

May 28, 2019

I’ve never been shy about being an advocate for destination weddings in Mexico. Since moving to Mexico City, I’ve only just begun to discover the true depth of the beauty here. After over a year of living here, I can’t believe it isn’t a more popular choice for destination weddings! 90% of the inquiries I receive for wedding photography are for Riviera Maya, Cabo, or Puerto Vallarta. I love those destinations, but there’s so much more Mexico has to offer for couples looking to get married. I thought I’d share the places I’ve had the privilege to visit and what makes them a great choice for any couple who wants to get adventurous for their special day. Here are 6 underrated wedding destinations in Mexico!




guanajuato wedding photographer

The birthplace of Diego Rivera, one of Mexico’s most revered 20th-century painters, the state of Guanajuato holds an abundance of treasures worth visiting like San Miguel de Allende and Celaya. My experience there was limited to the state’s capital and namesake, a gorgeous town with rolling colorful homes and charming cobblestone streets. If you like the sound of alleys that cars can’t pass through and roads that end in long sets of stairs up to a mountainside, you’ve found your wedding destination. I recommend the city of Guanajuato for couples who are charmed by small towns, sipping wine with scenic rooftop views, and prefer a slower pace to things.




destination wedding Sayulita

One of Mexico’s 121 ‘pueblos magicos’, this tiny town stands out among its Pacific neighbors. Fresh tasty seafood at every restaurant and dotted with iconic Mexican flags, this spot on the Riviera Nayarit is an hour’s drive through the jungle from Puerto Vallarta. One advantage of Sayulita is that its small size narrows your choice of activities to the beach, beach, and more beach. Care to see whales off the coast? They’re around every winter. Want to spend some time riding horses on the sand before tying the knot? Available all year long. Its proximity to Jalisco also means the best tequila tastings around, and Mexicans are very generous with their pours. I recommend Sayulita for any couple who enjoys towns they can walk through in 5 minutes, unspoiled coast, and who want an authentic Mexican experience without having to learn Spanish.


Pyramids of Teotihuacán


wedding photographer Mexico

What’s the most epic man-made backdrop for a wedding photo you can think of? Maybe the Statue of Liberty or the Great Wall of China? I would argue that one of the top slots belongs to the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacán, left standing by the Mexicas because of their outstanding beauty. Located only 45 minutes outside of Mexico City, the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are incredible testaments to the architectural prowess of the indigenous population in current-day Mexico and now provide an incredible setting for any couple. Choose to have your destination wedding near the pyramids if you’re an architecture buff or a history nerd.


Puerto Escondido


wedding photographer mexico

If you’re searching for an undiscovered paradise that still has an airport, look no further than Puerto Escondido. The west coast of Mexico has everything the more popular Caribbean coast has, with more waves and fewer frills. This Oaxacan town is the kind of place people visit for a week-long vacation that turns into 6 months. The cultural heart of Mexico has incredible food, chill vibes, and unforgettable sunsets on tucked-away beaches. Suited just as well for an elopement as a beach wedding, Puerto Escondido is the ideal destination wedding location for couples who love vast umbrella-less beaches, surfing, and often use the shaka emoji. ?




wedding photographer Tulum

After visiting Tulum for the first time, I was worried that the novelty of this bohemian jungle dream would wear off upon repeated visits – I couldn’t have been more wrong. My 5 reasons why you need to have a Tulum wedding have only been reinforced every time I make it out to the beautiful Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo. Needless to say, the Mayan Jungle is a special place to have a destination wedding in Mexico. This is especially true of the few-mile long stretch on the coast of Tulum. This small town manages to create a unique ambiance that’s replicated nowhere else in the world. Tulum also happens to double as an excellent honeymoon destination. I suggest Tulum for couples who enjoy colorful sunrises, morning yoga on the beach, and who drink their smoothies from metal straws. Read my Tulum Guide if you’re interested in hearing more! 


Mexico City


wedding photographer mexico

I could write an entirely separate blog about what makes Mexico City a great choice for a destination wedding. My favorite city in the world is marked by its Spanish architecture, unlimited options for amazing Mexican, French, and Japanese cuisine, and a noticeable amount of trees and green spaces. Wildly misrepresented in the media, every person who visits is unexpectedly delighted with what the city has to offer. Being a destination wedding photographer in Mexico was never a thought in my mind until I visited Mexico City for the first time. I recommend a Mexico City destination wedding for couples who are cosmopolitan, love a mix of nature and urban environments, and could eat street tacos any day of the week.


Final Advice for a Mexico Destination Wedding


When it comes to Mexico, there’s no bad choice for a destination wedding. I can guarantee there’s enough variety on the coast to appeal to anybody’s specific taste in beaches. Desert beaches, jungle beaches, resorts, palm leaf-hatched huts, you name it and it’s there and ready for a wedding. A bonus for couples in the United States is that most of these places are a short and inexpensive flight away! For those who are considering this beautiful country but have yet to be fully convinced or have any questions whatsoever, I encourage you to get in touch! I love being a resource to couples with any wedding planning questions, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Make sure to fill out a form submission or email me at donnairenephotos@gmail.com and we’ll get a conversation going. Here’s to an amazing destination wedding, wherever you have it!


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