5 Reasons to Get Married in Greece

June 28, 2019

Of the 40+ countries I’ve been to, Greece is one of the few places I could continue visiting and never get tired of. Between the natural beauty, the hospitality of the locals, and the incredible history, it’s hard not to be awed. After my first destination wedding in Santorini, it immediately became my favorite European country to shoot weddings in.  A bride recently asked me why she should consider Greece for her destination wedding. After texting her all my reasons, I thought it made sense to share them here too! Here are the 5 main reasons to consider having a destination wedding in Greece. 

Great Weather


Destination Wedding Greece

One of the cons of many popular wedding destinations is that they’re only suited for certain seasons. Unless you’re looking for a winter wedding, options for good weather are limited. On the other hand, Greece is perfect for weddings for the majority of the year! In most regions, there are only a few rainy months and the climate is generally mild. Winter still gets chilly but it’s usually not cold enough to prohibit an amazing wedding. Of course, the water isn’t as inviting in February as September so keep that in mind if you want to swim! The warmth of the water is one of the many features that make the summer months so desirable. If you’re considering a wedding in the high season between May-September, start reaching out to venues early.

Fun Destination


Destination Wedding Greece

If you’re having a destination wedding, you want to ensure it’s worth your guests’ while. I don’t know anyone who’s come back from visiting Greece and has a single negative thing to say about it. Choosing Greece for your destination wedding almost guarantees that your guests will have a fantastic time. Although I strongly believe a wedding should be focused on the couple, it doesn’t hurt that Greece is also a dream vacation. For a lot of people, a week in Mykonos is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Joining the beauty of a wedding day with an extraordinary vacation is a recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Diverse Landscape


Destination Wedding Greece

This is one aspect that Greece shares with California: incredibly diverse options for any type of landscape you picture for your wedding. For couples who imagine getting married with a view of the sea, Greece has the largest coastline in all of Europe. Having been raised in Miami, I’m partial to the clear blue water of the East Aegean Islands. Luckily, two-thirds of the country is also covered in mountains for those with Patagonia and North Face in their closets. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous mountain winery in Crete or a vineyard with a view of a volcano in Santorini, Greece has enough options to surpass the expectations of any bride!

Perfect Honeymoon Location


Destination Wedding Greece

For honeymoon destinations in Europe, it’s usually a toss-up between France, Italy, and Greece. As much as I love Italy and France, Greece takes the edge for the best honeymoon location in Europe. Cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are bursting with life and fun to visit for days, if not weeks. If you want to lay back on the beach with a drink in hand, there are hundreds of islands to choose from. The islands are diverse as well, offering white, red, and black sand beaches. Best of all, no need to worry about the stress of long-distance travel after an already stressful day. You get the convenience of already being in your honeymoon destination, immediately after your wedding. If that’s not a great start to honeymoon, I don’t know what is!

Amazing for Photos


Destination Wedding Greece

As a wedding photographer, I’m a little partial to places that turn out beautifully in photos. I personally can’t even imagine a Greece wedding that doesn’t end up being absolutely gorgeous. Many of the islands feel like they were made as a backdrop for the most romantic wedding possible. Rugged landscapes and serene seas mean you’ll have wedding photos you can look back on and treasure for a lifetime. The only challenge is deciding which of all the beautiful vistas makes for the best photo opportunity. For a more comprehensive look into Greece wedding photos, check out my article about destination wedding photography in Greece

Greece Wedding – Final Thoughts


It’s hard not to seem like I’m exaggerating when I talk about how great Greece is. Anyone who’s been to this extraordinary country knows that it’s worthy of all the praise it gets. I consider getting to photograph weddings there a privilege and get excited every time I have the chance to go back. Greece truly is an incredible place, so if any of these reasons resonate with you, make sure to reach out about your destination wedding. Fill out a form submission or send me an email at donnairenephotos@gmail.com and we’ll get a conversation going!