When To Get Married in Miami

July 7, 2019

For most of the country, Miami seems like a dream wedding destination. As beautiful as it is, Miami does present a big challenge for any couples in the midst of wedding planning: when to get married. It may feel like endless summer, but Miami’s seasons vary drastically throughout the year. Unless you want your guests sweating through their clothes, there are important considerations to take into mind when planning. It’s worth taking time to examine each season and think through what might be the best fit for your wedding. As a Miami wedding photographer with over 9 years of experience, I’m here to guide you through the best and worst seasons for a wedding in Miami.

Summer Wedding


  • Pros: Low Season
  • Cons: Hot, Humid, Rainy

From the outside looking in, summer seems like it would be the perfect time for a Miami wedding. Unfortunately, unless you’ve booked an indoor venue, summer is not the season I recommend for a wedding in Miami. From June until September, it’s hard to make it to your mailbox and back without breaking a sweat. On top of that, summer is the wettest season of the year, giving your wedding day around a 35% chance of being rained out. During the summer, I usually take off my Miami wedding photographer hat entirely and shoot in places like Los Angeles instead.  If I had to choose, I’d say countries like Greece are much better suited for summer weddings.

Fall Wedding


  • Pros: Tropical Aesthetic
  • Cons: Rain

Although mixed, fall is still an excellent season to have a wedding in Miami. The intolerable heat and rain of summer don’t start to subside until mid-October, so I wouldn’t consider September dates because it feels nearly the same as August. Fall weddings are especially good on Miami Beach at venues like The Mondrian. The combination of the ocean breeze and the cooler evening temperatures make the night altogether much more pleasant. Although not as varied in color as a wedding in the northeast might be, you can still depend on plenty of green throughout fall. Miami’s sub-tropical climate means it’s green the entire year, so no need to worry about getting a tropical look for your wedding. Depending on how early you book, you’ll also likely get better rates from vendors in the fall compared to winter!

Winter Wedding


Miami Wedding Photographer

  • Pros: Perfect Weather, Winter Getaway for Guests
  • Cons: High Season

In all my years as a Miami wedding photographer, winter has continued to be my favorite season for weddings. January through March is the best time to get married because of the low chances of rain and the best weather. Your guests can actually enjoy an outdoor ceremony and you’re less likely to need expensive tents on standby. It’s warm enough to have a beach wedding, and temporarily escape the bitter cold if you’re coming from up north. The only real downside of winter is that December through March are highly sought-after months for a Miami wedding. It’s the busiest part of the wedding season, meaning venues and vendors get booked up quickly. If you’re set on a certain date, book 10-12 months out to ensure you’re able to lock down your first choices.

Spring Wedding


Miami Wedding Photographer

  • Pros: Blooming Flowers, Good Weather
  • Cons: Mosquito Season

It’s fair to say Spring is a close second for the ideal time to get married in Miami. My own wedding was March 18th, just 2 days before the official end of winter. Although not technically spring yet, it had many of the advantages of a spring wedding. The milder winter days usually stay through April, making outdoor weddings more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re coming from out of town, most guests would leap at the chance to visit Miami in the spring. Good weather when the rest of the country has bad weather is one of many factors that makes Miami great for a destination wedding. For a spring wedding, I’d say the earlier in the season the better. The closer your wedding is to summer, the greater the chance of rain and unbearable heat.


Final Thoughts from a Miami Wedding Photographer


Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong with a Miami wedding. I’ve been a Miami wedding photographer for years, but this city continues to surprise me with just how beautifully weddings can turn out. Miami stands out from everywhere else in the world, let alone the United States. From the resorts of Miami Beach to the barns in Homestead, there’s something for just about every couple. My biggest advice for a successful wedding in Miami is to start planning soon. If you need more advice about what dates would be best for your Miami wedding, be sure to reach out. Fill out a form submission or send an email to donnairenephotos@gmail.com and we’ll get a conversation going!