How to Find a Miami Wedding Photographer

October 4, 2019

Finding a photographer that’s going to capture one of the most special days of your life sounds intimidating. Luckily, there’s no lack of resources out there for brides looking for a Miami wedding photographer. The internet has opened the floodgates for ways to find talented photographers, from directories to the limitless world of social media. Naturally, that also means it’s hard to know exactly where to start your search. I’m more than happy to use my experience as a wedding photographer to guide the stressed-out brides reading this! Here are 6 simple resources to help you find a Miami wedding photographer.

Social Media


Personally, Social Media is one of my favorite avenues brides use to get in touch. Apps like Instagram give an easy view of the work of hundreds of wedding photographers all over the world. Hashtags like #miamiweddingphotographer can be your best friend on Instagram. Searching ‘Miami wedding photographer’ takes you directly to accounts of dozens of excellent photographers in the Miami area. Hashtags can also be a great tool for searching for vendors in Miami! You might be able to find the perfect florist or wedding planner through the app as well. Instagram also makes it incredibly easy to directly message certain photographers you like to get more information. I always tell my brides to send me whatever wedding inspiration they find on the app! This makes picking out outfits for engagement sessions or finding the perfect location for shoots easier for the bride and me. 


Online Searching


Searching on Google for your Miami wedding photographer can be another way to find the best photographer for your special day! Looking on the web will draw up pages upon pages of websites for wedding photographers in your area. Simple searches like ‘Miami wedding photographer’ offer thousands of results within seconds. You’ll also find plenty of websites, such as The Knot and WeddingWire, with reviews from clients on relevant local wedding photographers. Photographer’s websites are also the best places to see their work with weddings and to get basic information regarding packages and pricing. To top it off, photographers usually include entire sessions on their sites, offering a deeper look into what your wedding day might look like. 


Directory Listings


The most common places couples start their search for a local wedding photographer is through Directories. Anyone getting married in Miami is likely familiar with The Knot, one of the biggest online directories in the United States. Every aspect of wedding planning is majorly simplified through the Knot. They’re a hub for inspo, local wedding vendors, and even an online registry. Other popular options are sites like Wedding Wire, which is a very similar concept. As far as looking for a Miami wedding photographer goes, the difference between the two is just a matter of preference. Either way, if you like to have a lot of options to go through, a directory is for you.


Should You Hire a Local Miami Wedding Photographer


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I’m used to flying all over the world for weddings because I’m a destination wedding photographer. With that being said, when it comes to hiring a Miami photographer, I have to recommend choosing a local. Miami is a major city with an abundance of photography talent. In the case of Santorini, or Iceland, there is much less local talent to choose from. Like I mention in my When to Get Married in Miami article, it can also be a surprisingly difficult city to shoot in. A local Miami wedding photographer is best suited to handle the challenges the city presents, from the erratic weather to the fickle beaches. At the very least, you should consider a photographer with experience shooting Miami weddings.




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Finding a referral for your wedding photographer can be extremely helpful in your search for a local Miami wedding photographer. Referrals from friends and family can help narrow down your search as those people can give you direct insight into exactly what they liked and disliked about their wedding photographer. My brides have shared their concerns about having photos too similar to their friends and families. Truth be told, it’s rare for any two weddings to come out the same, there are just too many variables. Even if hiring a photographer with a very distinct style, it’s unlikely you’ll get photos that look similar unless you’re shooting at the same venue with the same dress, etc… 


Engagement Session


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There’s no better way to get to know a photographer than by having them shoot your engagement photos. Engagement sessions help put the couples at ease about the professionalism and personality of who they’re hiring. Actually, compatibility is more important than most couples think when hiring a Miami wedding photographer. Remember that the person you’re hiring is going to spend several hours with you on your wedding day, so make sure they’re someone you get along with! Most couples don’t want to spend $400-$500 to try out a photographer. However, many photographers include engagement sessions in their wedding packages, which means it often comes at no extra cost.


Final Thoughts from a Miami Wedding Photographer


Miami weddings are what I’ve shot the most in my career, but they’re also usually my favorite. After shooting in so many parts of the world, I’ve come to appreciate being a wedding photographer in Miami. In such a beautiful city, it’s hard to not end up with gorgeous wedding photos at the end fo the day. As comprehensive as I try to be, there’s always going to be one or two items I miss out on. For more information on weddings in Miami, check out my Miami Wedding Guide! For other needs related to finding a Miami wedding photographer, make sure to reach out! Fill out a contact form here or reach out by email at and I’ll respond within 24 hours.