What to Look for in a Miami Wedding Photographer

October 20, 2019

In 2019, there’s no shortage of ways to find a qualified wedding photographer. Social Media has made the portfolios of the most talented photographers available at the tap of a button. When you’re presented with so many great options, the real question becomes: what should I look for in a wedding photographer in Miami? Beyond talent and artistry, there are several characteristics couples need to keep in mind. In my career as a destination wedding photographer, I’ve managed to boil down the traits couples should look for in a wedding photographer to five key aspects. Here are what I’ve found to be the most significant things to look for in a Miami wedding photographer!


Personality & Chemistry


Without a doubt, the most common mistake couples make when looking for a wedding photographer is undervaluing personality and chemistry. Most brides don’t consider they’ll be spending as much time on their wedding day with their wedding photographer as they will with their groom. You want a wedding photographer who’s up for the things you are. If you’re ready to go to the edge of a cliff for photos, you should hire a photographer who’s going to be right there with you. Compatibility with your photographer, or lack thereof, can either add or detract from your wedding photos.  If you hire a Miami wedding photographer you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s probably going to reflect in the photos. 

Knowledge of Location


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Miami has some of the most unpredictable weather in the country. Couples who grew up in Miami know this, but those coming from elsewhere may not. This is why every qualified wedding photographer in Miami needs to have a comprehensive knowledge of the location. For one, this means being aware of Miami’s subtropical climate. A sunny, blue-skied afternoon can transform into what feels like a tropical storm within hours. A wedding photographer in Miami has to prepare for rain, traffic, and crowded public places. The right wedding photographer will have a plan A, B, and C, so don’t hesitate to make sure your photographer is knowledgeable about Miami. Check out my guide on When to Get Married in Miami for more information! 



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We’re not talking about any city here. Miami is considered to be the capital of Latin America, which means a lot of Latin weddings and a lot of Latin families. A Miami wedding photographer is at a disadvantage if they’re not able to direct your abuelita during the family photos. At a recent Dominican wedding in Miami, I couldn’t believe how useful being able to speak Spanish was. A language barrier between photographer and guests doesn’t make it impossible to get good photos but it’s an obstacle. This, of course, applies only to those with majority Spanish-speaking guests. Then again, for Miami, that’s likely relevant to a lot of people reading this! 

Experience with Beach Weddings


For those taking their ceremony to Miami Beach, I cannot overstate how important it is to hire a wedding photographer with experience shooting beach weddings. Beach weddings may be stunning but the unpredictability of the outdoors can be a nightmare for an unprepared photographer. I’ve had to learn how to get the perfect shots amid gusts of wind, unflattering lighting, and torrential rain. It comes with the territory of being a wedding photographer in Miami. Beach weddings can be tricky for even seasoned photographers to shoot, so experience in this area is a must! If your wedding photographer is equipped to shoot a beach wedding, you can still get the most stunning wedding photos with those famous Miami Beach views in the background.

Able to Improvise


I’ve learned to not think something could go wrong on a wedding day, but to be prepared for it. My Instagram is full of wedding photos that look great despite what was happening at that very moment! For this reason, I can not stress enough how essential it is for your Miami wedding photographer to be able to improvise. Through unpredictable weather, various types of lighting, time crunches, and other difficult circumstances, your photographer has to know what to do to get the perfect photos under possible not-so-perfect situations. Through my many years as a wedding photographer in Miami, I’ve had to think on my feet in numerous situations. My goal is to always make it seem like nothing went wrong, no matter what conditions arise.

Final Thoughts from a Miami Wedding Photographer


Although I’ve shot weddings all over the world, I’m reminded of how stunning Miami weddings are. It’s almost impossible for a Miami wedding to not turn out beautifully in photos. For the most seamless wedding day possible, find a wedding photographer in Miami who checks off everything on the list! Some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken have been in this city, so check out my Miami Wedding Guide if you’re interested in tying the knot here. For more information on finding the right Miami wedding photographer, make sure to reach out! Fill out a form submission here and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!