Destination Wedding Photography FAQ

October 30, 2019

Wedding planning requires asking a lot of questions, especially when it comes to your wedding photographer. It’s completely normal for brides to be anxious about one of the most important days of their lives. From when a couple first reaches out until the wedding day, I get asked a million questions.  I thought I’d take some of the most common questions I get from brides and put them all in one easy list. Here are all the most frequently asked questions I get related to destination wedding photography! 


What Should I Look for in a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Destination weddings aren’t like typical weddings. You should look for a qualified wedding photographer with travel experience, knowledge of the location, and someone who can improvise! A destination wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily need experience shooting in a destination but having traveled there previously, or somewhere similar, is a huge help. I wouldn’t feel ready to shoot a wedding in Norway if I hadn’t already shot an elopement in Iceland


Should I Hire a Local Destination Wedding Photographer?

Who you hire for your destination wedding heavily depends on the destination. If you’re going with a small destination like Tulum or Santorini, it’s going to be tougher to find local talent. In a town of ten thousand, you might be better suited to find a destination wedding photographer in a larger city. On the other hand, a destination wedding in Miami would make it easy to find local photographers to hire. At the end of the day, you should hire the photographer you feel most confident with. A travel fee is worth peace of mind on your wedding day. 


Where Do I Find a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Finding the right wedding photographer certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but the internet has made it easier. From Instagram to Google to Online Directories, there’s no shortage of resources for brides on the lookout for an exceptional destination wedding photographer! Wherever you start your search, be sure to do an extensive look into the portfolio of who you’re hiring! For more details, make sure to read my guide on how to find a wedding photographer!


How Much Does a Destination Wedding Photographer Cost?

Costs for destination wedding photographers vary greatly, but from my experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve seen the amount range from $4500-$8500. Keep in mind how this price tag may not include travel costs for certain destination wedding photographers! Couples are usually hesitant to share their budget, but that’s the best thing you can do with the photographer you want to hire! I would say it’s best to share your budget with the destination wedding photographers you’re interested in hiring to see what they can work with. 


How Much do Destination Wedding Photographers Charge for Travel?

This is usually based on the photographer and the destination. Some photographers charge for every travel expense from flights to rental cars to meals to accommodation. I may charge for flights depending on the destination, but I try to save as much of the client’s travel expenses by staying with friends and paying for my meals. I also have a bucket list of dream destination weddings that I offer a 15% discount off all wedding packages for!


Is a Destination Wedding Cheaper?

In many cases, yes, a destination wedding is often cheaper than a traditional wedding at home! In more cases than not, a destination wedding has far fewer guests, which is the biggest cost variable for a wedding. Plus, it’s usually easier to bundle a honeymoon with a destination wedding, providing even more savings. For more information on the financial side of a destination wedding, check out my Guide to a Budget Destination Wedding!


Do I Tip a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Tipping depends on the quality of service! I never expect a tip, but I’m always delighted to receive one. If your photographer went above and beyond, if they made you feel comfortable and enhanced your wedding day, then a tip wouldn’t be remotely out of place. I like to go above and beyond, so I get tips pretty regularly, but not every photographer is created equal! If you feel like your destination wedding photographer did the minimum amount required, don’t feel obligated to give extra.


Can You Recommend Affordable Wedding Destinations?

It just so happens that my favorite wedding destinations are also some of the most affordable. Mexico, Thailand, and Morocco are some of my favorite places in the entire world. They each offer stunning wedding venues while also being incredibly budget-friendly. Another plus is all those locations are a perfect spot for a honeymoon, so you can cut travel costs if your wedding and honeymoon are at the same location! I’ve traveled all across the globe for destination weddings, so I’m more than willing to offer advice on various locations for your special day. 


These are the most common questions I get, but every couple’s situation is different. The good news is the internet can answer every question you have. I also love to be a resource for any brides overwhelmed with questions about their wedding day. For more help on anything related to destination wedding photography, make sure to reach out! Fill out a contact form, and I’ll respond within 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!